A Great Resource of Applique Designs

Fusible Applique Designs

I really enjoy fusible applique designs, they are very easy and really fun to use. fusible applique can be very intimidating at first but trust me they are very easy to work with!

If you want to make your own consider looking at children’s coloring books. These books are very popular when creating your own applique designs. Also think about using things like cookie cutters or stencils you have. Remember that you will need to reverse your design when tracing them because they will be reversed one they are attached to whatever you are appliqueing.

I highly suggest using fusing material when you are making a applique design. This really helps your design look new and crisp but it also helps with the edges nor fraying.

Most applique designs only require tracing so don’t worry if you can’t draw!

Fusible Applique DesignsFusible Applique Designs

Think of the possibilities you can make! You can use designs on wall hanging, calendars and clothing.

A very popular use of fusible applique designs is for Christmas decorations! For Christmas applique patterns you can get really creative and have fun by using metallic threads and glitter accents. The great applique designs for holiday are great and they will spice up just about any stocking or tree skirt.

Fusible Applique Designs

Don’t forget clothing! Applique is a  great for dressing up an old shirt or sweatshirt. There are some great children’s fusible applique patterns out there as well. You can use a cute school bus applique design and sew it to your child’s backpack or a cute truck to your sons shirt! When it comes to clothing be creative and try things out! Try appliqueing a cute solid puppy on a striped shirt or dress up a skirt with a fun flower fusible applique designs.

These applique designs are the most simple and fasted way to add pizazz to anything. You can make your own or simply buy premade designs! The premade designs will usually come to you already assembled and have multiple fabrics and layers. It’s very easy with store bought fusible applique to use right away. These designs are usually more complex and harder to replicate.

The best designs by far come from you. Your imagination with these kind of applique designs will get you results you never knew you had. With these designs you can completely redecorate your house or your room and create a totally different look room to room with fusible applique designs!


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